Forklift Training Course

Hundreds of candidates get qualified and placed into full time work with our help every month.

With over 110 training locations across the UK, we can arrange a Forklift Training Course in a location convenient for you. Our training is first rate with an average pass rate of 98% at the end of a week’s course, way above the national average. We offer three types of Forklift Courses: counterbalance, reach, and telescopic. Generally candidates train on one of these vehicles, but we also offer combinations with our “Counterbalance & Reach” course being very popular indeed.

We arrange everything for you. From establishing what the most suitable course for you is, where will be most suitable for you to train, and if you have any specific requirements for your training. Most courses are five days long, but if you have experience, or are looking to combine more than one type of Forklift Course, then we can tailor a course to suit you.

Once you have got your forklift certification then you have a ticket into all of the warehouses in the UK. Every company needs hard working, reliable forklift drivers and once you’re qualified you are very employable indeed. What’s better, is a job that can suit your needs. Many places are open all the time, so you can pick a shift to suit you and your needs. You could be looking at a starting salary of £22,000 and with perks such as  holiday pay, uniform, sick pay and a pension. Not to mention very generous overtime pay as well!

Anyone can become a Forklift Driver and no experience is necessary. What’s more, you don’t even need a car licence so there is no barrier to entry.

We also offer a “train now, pay later scheme” so you may be able to start your training for as little as a £12 deposit and pay the rest in 48 easy monthly instalments.

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Once received, we will send you an email with more information and a member of our team will be in touch as soon as they can. If you’re itching to get going or have a burning question you want answered, then call us on the number you receive.

We look forward to speaking with you and getting the ball rolling for your new career!