IT Support Specialist Course

Train for a Career as an IT Support Specialist

Are you looking for a first-class online IT training course? Are you technically minded and have a passion for technology? If so, you are ideally suited to train for an exciting career in IT Support. Become an IT professional with the IT Support Specialist training package and have the latest technology at your fingertips.

Through our partnership with a leading IT company, once you complete the course and pass our internal examination you will be fast tracked onto a further 1 weeks focused training towards the specific role.

This role will pay an initial salary between £18k-£23k and you will be expected to be available for contracts within a 50 mile radius of your home.

The initial training is provided at a cost of just 6 interest free monthly payments of £99 with no credit check required.

Whether you are new to IT or in the early to mid-level stage of your IT career, this carefully tailored IT Support Specialist course bundle will teach you the skills and knowledge required to pursue a successful career.

CompTIA A+
Teaches you how to work in a professional IT environment and covers hardware, components, operating systems and how to troubleshoot and support users

CompTIA Network+ (N+)
Provides a very important foundation level knowledge of networking

Windows 7
Imparts an expert level knowledge of Windows 7 to enable efficient configuration, maintenance and troubleshooting of this highly popular operating system

Windows 8
Teaches the skills and knowledge required to configure, manage and maintain the Windows 8 operating system

Windows 10

Provides training in the installation, configuration and maintenance of the Windows 10 operating system


To further assist you with your IT training needs, included in this study bundle is a FREE learning and encouragement bolt-on. Get a year of 24/7 Tutor Support Service with the IT Support Specialist package. With experts available via Live Chat, you will be able to seek advice and assistance when you need it.

Once you have completed your studies and earned your certifications, you will be ready to take the next step towards your new IT career. We will provide you with further support in the form of Career Guidance, CV assistance and interview preparation and will guarantee you interviews with our affiliated companies to assist you in securing your first IT Support role.

 Enquire today and one of our expert Course and Career Advisors will contact you within 48 hours to get you started on the path to your IT Support career.