Web Designer Course

Train for a career in Web Design

Do you love looking at good websites and have an eye for good design? Are you motivated and keen to enjoy a rewarding career? If so, you are ideally suited to gain the skills and train for a rewarding career as a Web Designer.

Did you know how much a web designer can earn?

  • Junior Web Designer Salaries range from £18,000 - £25,000 per annum.
  • Web Design is a great starting point for Web Development & Programming careers.
  • Web Development/Design and Programming are the most in demand IT skills

The skills and knowledge you will gain from this training package will prepare you for your first role in Web Design and provide you with the foundation knowledge to develop a successful career.

Get this tailored training package now for 6 monthly instalments of £49 (courses only)!

Our tailored web design starter library includes the HTML Essentials, CSS Essentials and JavaScript Essentials courses that are perfect for anyone looking to begin a successful career in web design or development.

This tailored group of courses will teach you the fundamental skills and knowledge necessary to design, develop and manage your own website. Once you have completed your courses you could easily start developing your online portfolio for prospective employers or customers.


On completion of the course we will also provide a free examination leading to our Web Design Foundation Diploma.


Basic Building Blocks of the Web

HTML, CSS and JavaScript are known as the web development trifecta, bringing these essential technologies together provide the necessary set of skills for designing and developing complete web solutions.


You will receive a Recruitment Pack which includes the following information:

1. Extensive advice on how to get the Web Design career you want

2. CV Templates and advice

3. Cover letter templates

4. Interview preparation and tips

5. Advice on building a portfolio

Enquire now and one of our highly experienced Course and Career Advisors will contact you within 48 hours to answer any questions that you may have and to assist you in taking the first step towards your Web Design career aspirations